What if there was a simple, systematic approach to
prospecting that ensured significant, measurable results?

Most companies may have already missed their goal and don’t even know it!

After more than a decade of working with literally thousands of sales professionals all over the world, we’ve learned:

  • The prospecting techniques that worked so well in the past simply won’t work today.
  • Sales pipelines are too small and full of opportunities that will go nowhere.
  • While sales teams are working harder and faster than ever, they are focused on the wrong activities.
  • Most companies won’t realize they’ve missed their goals until it’s too late!
Nowhere in the sales process do a few minutes of dialogue more quickly determine whether we continue or end our relationship than during the initial interaction.
— Randy Illig, Co-Author, Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play
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Helping Clients Succeed®: Filling Your Pipeline® was designed to guarantee a clear and significant return on investment. From start to finish, participants work on current deals while tracking and reporting their progress.

OUR PROMISE: You and your sales team can become significantly better at filling your pipeline as you apply the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of top performers over the course of 12 weeks.

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Less Nonsense. More Sales.

How do you determine which prospects to reach out to first? Are there prospects who are more likely to close than others?

The Prioritise Tool from FranklinCovey's award-winning sales training - Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline - helps sales leaders and teams use their time and resources more effectively by rank ordering prospects based on pre-determined criteria that indicate which ones are most likely to become customers.

Start prioritising your contact strategy today with this awesome tool.

A new approach to prospecting with an immediate, measurable return on investment.


Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline

This unique program has been designed specifically for sales leaders and their teams who are looking to significantly and immediately boost their sales pipeline through a proven approach that will produce lasting results by:

  • Focusing on the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of the top performing sales professionals.
  • Implementing an expert-designed, 12-week playbook process.

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