In our digitally disrupted world so many aspects of our lives are being transformed. UBER has changed how we ride, airbnb has changed how we stay and NETFLIX has changed how we watch. But despite the transformation of entire industries over recent years one sector has stubbornly refused to evolve, and that sector is - Recruitment! That is until now.

At last there's a better way to hire

Why We Need A Better Way To Hire 

Whether you're a client of traditional recruitment agencies, an employer using job boards to do it yourself or a candidate looking for a great opportunity, for many the current model of recruiting just isn’t working.

The reality is the options available to find and recruit great talent haven't changed much in the last few decades and even though technology has eliminated resource intensive processes, agency fees have remained high, meaning that recruiting still costs a fortune.

Even if you choose to do it yourself using traditional job boards can create multiple applications but it takes too much precious time to filter through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidates. Plus posting and managing your jobs on multiple sites is an expensive and time consuming proposition.

Despite best intentions, whether you're using an agency or doing it yourself, finding and matching the very best candidates to the role and ensuring there's a great fit to the culture and purpose of your organisation is not always done effectively, which can lead to poor experiences for candidates and employers alike. 

To compensate for these shortcomings leaders have to continually engage in the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting over and over again, creating an ongoing strain on budgets and impacting business performance. In conclusion, current recruitment options are:

  • Too expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Not effective at finding and matching the very best candidates

We could say recruitment is very much like the taxi industry before UBER. Much needed change is long overdue. That's why we're partnering with CareerOne Recruit.


Introducing CareerOne Recruit


Powered By A Brand You Know and Trust

CareerOne has been helping Australia's leading employers to attract and hire the talent they need to grow their businesses for over 18 years. More than 600 businesses rely on CareerOne to promote their brand as a career destination, and with over one million hits every month, CareerOne has helped to match millions of jobs with millions of candidates seeking exciting new opportunities. 

With years of experience behind them working closely with clients, the CareerOne Recruit team has access to world leading technology to screen thousands of applicants and massive amounts of data. This unique combination of great people and the best technology is your key to achieving faster, smarter results.

Putting money back into Your Pocket

When using a recruitment agency businesses will generally pay between 15%-20% of a new candidate's annual salary. For example placing 10 people at an average salary of $70,000 per annum at a fee of 15% would cost the employer a whopping $105,000.

Let’s compare this to CareerOne Recruit, which comes to you at a low monthly subscription of $500 per month (great for cash flow), or $6000 per year. This baseline subscription provides a full end-to-end recruitment process for two placements with any additional placements being charged at $250 per month. So, with CareerOne Recruit, the same 10 hires would cost only $30,000, a whopping saving of $75,000.

Showcase your company with your very own careers site

It has never been more important to promote your brand as an employer of choice than in today's increasingly competitive war for talent. Simply posting an ad on a job board or hiring an agency is no longer enough, today's savvy candidates want to know more about your culture, why you do what you do, what it's like to work for you and who they will be working with. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Rather than just providing you with the ability to post unlimited jobs on CareerOne, giving you access to world leading technology and our highly skilled and experienced recruitment team, we will also create your very own branded careers website. That's right, at no extra cost you can showcase your business, upload your own media, videos, articles, projects, recent campaigns and integrate your social media assets. Here are a few examples:


As well as CareerOne your jobs are posted to over 20 other employment sites, promoted through Google and digitally targeted across hundreds of websites.

But getting applications from multiple job boards is only the beginning of your recruitment process. The CareerOne Recruit Team keeps working with you to find pre-screened and ready to go candidates allowing you to work more efficiently and fill your roles faster without sacrificing quality.

Our world leading technology, expert recruitment team, subscription based pricing and branded career website has been designed to help you to recruit smarter, faster and more cost effectively. CareerOne Recruit - it's just a better way to hire.

Every business, large or small can now have access to the same talent pool as big corporations and at a fraction of the costs. There isn’t any reason why you can't enjoy the benefits of CareerOne Recruit to promote your business and recruit new talent. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To learn more about how this exciting new program can save you money and help you find the very best sales talent more quickly, please click on the button below, complete our registration of interest form and a member of our team will be in touch.