Purpose-oriented sales professionals are the most desirable hires, regardless of your industry or function. They are the highest performers. They are the best leaders. You can’t afford to hire anyone else. But how do you find them? As your Purpose Hiring Coach, we provide all the insights, guidance and support you need to screen for purpose and welcome amazing purpose-oriented sales talent into your organisation. Work with us and hire the best candidates, every time.

Why you need to hire on purpose 

Purpose Driven Organisations

- 600% Higher performance over 10 years

- 68% More likely to experience revenue growth

- 50% Larger leadership pipeline

- 36% Higher employee Net Promoters

- 20% Higher retention

Purpose Driven Individuals

- 30% Higher performers

- 64% More likely fulfilled at work

- 54% More likely to have an impact at work

- 51% More likely to have strong relationships

Purpose Driven Teams

- Higher Psychological Safety

- Greater Dependability, Stability

- Deeper Meaning and Higher Impact

Companies that understand the increasing emphasis of purpose in today’s professional landscape improve their ability to attract such employees and also their ability to retain them for longer periods of time.
— Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman and co-founder LinkedIn

Traditional Recruitment is Broken

Whether you're a client of traditional recruitment agencies, an employer using job boards to do it yourself or a candidate looking for a great opportunity, for many the current model of recruiting just isn’t working.

The reality is the options available to find and hire great sales talent haven't changed much in the last few decades. Agencies still focus on skills and experience as the primary drivers of their selection process, paying little or no attention to the number one indicator of a candidates future performance - their unique purpose drivers. Even if you choose to do it yourself,  using traditional job boards can create multiple applications but it takes a great deal of your precious time to filter through hundreds of resumes, and even then you're still no clearer regarding their purpose orientation. 

Despite best intentions, whether you're using an agency or doing it yourself, finding and matching the very best candidates to the role and ensuring there's a great fit to the culture and purpose of your organisation is not always done effectively, which can lead to poor hiring decisions and damaging experiences for everyone involved. 

As a result leaders are continually having to engage in the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting over and over again, creating an ongoing strain on budgets, impacting business performance, and damaging client relationships. 

Now is the moment we can transform how we source the very best sales talent and ensure individual salespeople, teams and organisations realise their true potential. We have the knowledge and tools to revolutionise recruitment, now we just need the leaders with the courage and conviction to lead the change. Isn't it time you started to Hire On Purpose?

Connecting employees with purpose brings measurable business impact. Research from the E.Y. Beacon Institute and Harvard Business School shows that companies that lead with purpose are more likely to be profitable.
— 2016 Global Workforce Purpose Index

For Your Next Hire. Discriminate On Purpose. Here's Why.

Work is a mess. Nearly 70% of people remain disengaged. People are leaving jobs sooner and sooner. Racial bias remains rampant. Despite new communication tools people are feeling isolated. Women continue to be missing in leadership.

The 2016 Workforce Purpose Index

Imperative and LinkedIn have partnered to create the largest global study on the role of purpose in the Workforce. Think about your workplace. Are your employees and coworkers set up to achieve their highest potential? Are you?

Introducing a better way to find and hire the best sales talent


We are your Purpose Hiring Coach

Our unique purpose driven hiring and interview program pivots on a ground breaking pre-hire screening process that predicts how purpose-oriented your new hires are then tailors a series of follow-up interview questions to coach your hiring managers on the best ways to assess how purpose oriented shortlisted candidates are. We provide:

1. A complete end-to-end talent management service designed to identify the highest performing, purpose driven sales talent in the marketplace

2. Cutting edge online assessment tools that provide an immediate quantitative score of an applicant’s purpose-orientation

3. Hiring managers with a series of tailored interview questions to help them make great hiring decisions


Many people see work as being about money or status. However, Purpose-driven people see work as being about adding value to the world and their own fulfilment.

As your Purpose Hiring Coach we provide a psychological assessment, that candidates can complete in under five minutes, to help you determine the likelihood that they are purpose-oriented.


Our unique platform includes AI that generates recommended questions to ask each candidate in an interview to further understand their orientation to work.

It coaches a hiring manager on where to probe to truly understand how a candidate will show up in the office should you hire them.


Armed with deep insights regarding the individual candidates Purpose Profile and capabilities, we guide and coach hiring managers into how to talk about a role, themselves, the team and the organisation in alignment with the purpose of a candidate.

We also help them to uncover their own blind spots to avoid pitfalls in the interview that might turn off a great purpose-oriented candidate.


As your Purpose Hiring Coach we help to remove racial and gender bias from your hiring process and greatly increase the odds of identifying the otherwise overlooked talent of candidates.

By focusing on purpose, you are always going to build a diverse and high performing team.

Purpose is the foundation of high performing organisations, teams and individuals. It defines their culture. It aligns its members. It inspires great work. It guides everyone on the team to realise their potential. Purpose-Oriented employees aren't just teachers and social workers. They work and thrive in every industry, but more than just about any other profession, sales is the most tangible expression of your collective purpose. Purpose-oriented sales professionals are the high performers, often in leadership roles. They persist, they are proactive, they grow and they lead. Make us your next hiring decision and we'll help you to hire and thrive - on purpose.