eccoh is much more than a sales transformation company; we are pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about sales. The selling environment has radically changed and yesterday’s attitudes, mindsets and cultures are no longer relevant. To succeed we need to be much more than in the past. Our mission is to harness the collective energies of every salesperson on the planet as a force for good in the world. That's the open effect.


The eccoh Manifesto

Welcome to the sales revolution

Millions of dollars are burned each year teaching sales as its pretty much been taught for decades, as a set of specific skills reinforced by a range of techniques aimed at putting your products or services into someone else’s hands and their dollars into your pocket. In our mechanical execution of the ‘sales process’ each stage of the prospecting dialoguequalifying questionsovercoming objections and closing the sale is mapped out and nailed down. 

All you have to do, so the idea goes, is thoroughly learn and carefully practice everything in the sales person’s bag of tricks and you too will become a sales success! At least that’s the theory. But its really not working out that way.

What's really happening

The reality for millions of start-up entrepreneurs, corporate salespeople, advisers, consultants, partners or anyone who finds themselves fulfilling any type of sales function, is that most are having a really tough time with sales and selling. Many have dysfunctional ideas about selling and what it is.  

There are those who think selling is trying to convince people to buy something they don't want or need, when actually selling is just the opposite. It's finding out what someone does want or need, and helping them to get it. Others think selling is about manipulating or taking advantage of others. No, it's just the opposite. Selling is about giving people more advantage.    

But the biggest upside down misconception about sales is that it's all about getting or at worst taking from others, when in actuality sales at its most effective, at its finest, at its most profitable, is all about giving.  This back to front, upside down, mixed up paradigm sets up an adversarial relationship, undermines trust and makes the sales process much harder than it needs to be. 

Adversaries or Allies?

We live in a low trust society. Do you agree? When we ask audiences all around the world if they agree with that statement 98% raise their hands. Whether we actually do live in a low trust world today is open for debate but there's a at least a perception that we do and that perception is never more acute than in the sales interaction. This trust deficit inhibits our ability to truly connect, which means we and our clients are typically not companions on a journey of mutual exploration, in fact were often going in completely opposite directions.

It’s a somewhat paradoxical situation because at one level advances in technology mean the world has never been more connected, yet at the same time more people are feeling isolated, disconnected and less trusting of each other than ever before, especially in the corporate world. This is a huge issue because your success in sales and business emerges from the fabric of your influence in the world around you and that fabric is woven from strands of trust. We can’t sell our way out of this situation, but we can behave our way out of it.

There is a better way 

Anyone can learn how to sell. That is if you think selling is simply about following the steps of a choreographed sales process or mastering the latest selling techniques. But of course it isn't, at least not anymore. We're now living in a VUCA world, that is our clients and customers are faced with higher levels of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity than ever before.

Entire industries are being disrupted seemingly overnight and we're faced with a hyper competitive marketplace today where numerous other companies are selling products and services that are just as good as yours and the people selling them are just as skilled as you are. What worked before simply doesn’t work any longer.

With all this going on we believe the sales profession, more than any other, is faced with a unique opportunity. We believe that salespeople can be the answer to this complexity and in doing so become a force for positive change in the world whilst at the same time accelerating personal, team and business performance. However, if we are going to lead and succeed in this new VUCA era, we need to be much more than in the past. But How?

What it really comes down
to is a shift in focus.

The highest performing, hugely successful salespeople and sales organisations around the world understand that selling isn't about them, and it isn't even about their products or services, as important as they are. It's about other people and how they can best enhance or enrich their lives in some way, whether or not a sale takes place.

They cultivate trusting relationships wherever they go by focusing exclusively on creating value for others and by constantly looking for ways they can serve and have a positive impact on peoples lives. Sales professionals and organisations that operate with these principles tend to be among the most successful individuals, teams and businesses we know.

The really great news is there's nothing mystical or magical about this, everything you need to enjoy the same, or even greater success, as the worlds top sales performers can be learned, and that's where we come in. Click on the button below to learn more about our integrated vision stratospheric success in sales, in business and in life.