The world has evolved and the sales mindsets and behaviours that worked in the past simply don’t work any longer. If we are going to do more than survive but thrive in this new selling and business environment we need to be much more than sales people, we need to become sales leaders. 


Through our partnership with the About My Brain Institute you are about to begin a journey to become an amazing, imaginative, intuitive, inspirational and integrated sales leader. To clarify, we're not only referring to leadership in the traditional hierarchical context, but also individually - we each need to take personal ownership and responsibility for our own leadership.

Why is that you may be asking?

Because navigating the complexities of today’s hyper-competitive, volatile, low trust and uncertain world has never been more challenging and it takes more than expertise in sales to do so effectively. Inspiring action with multiple stakeholders at every stage of the buying journey demands that we think, feel and behave more like leaders rather than simply sellers

This is the starting point of our work together and the key to enhancing your awareness of your true authentic self. No matter who you are the unique i4 program will help you to peel back the layers and discover yourself both through your own eyes and through the eyes of others. Only then can you truly begin to develop yourself as individuals and sales leaders who can quickly adapt and flourish in our changing world. 

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The economic landscape and work environments have changed and become more complex than we ever imagined. Existing leadership models have not kept up with these changes, thus the need to adopt a renewed perspective on leadership.

The ‘i4 Neuroleader Model‘ proposes a novel approach to leadership and a more cost-effective way to reawaken the leadership powers within us, by first identifying our inner abilities and then learning how to use them more effectively.
— Silvia Damiano, Founder & CEO, the About My Brain Institute

The world needs sales leaders more than ever and you can be one of them. Complete the form below to learn more about how i4 and the uniquely integrated eccoh program combine to accelerate sales success for individuals, teams and entire organisations.