Increase Your Sales On The Go!

Pipeliner CRM Mobile App Features

The Pipeliner CRM Mobile App means you can access Pipeliner’s most vital
functions from anywhere, using your iOS or Android Smartphone.


You’re sitting in the reception area of one of your clients, about to go into a meeting. You want to make sure you have all the facts and contact names of the accounts straight, so you quickly refresh your memory from Pipeliner mobile.


You’re at a trade show and run into John Green, a contact who used to work at your client Jones and Company. He loved your product, but has moved to a company that doesn’t have it. You pull out your phone and update the his contact information with his new company—and make it a new lead, too!




You’re doing a presentation at a client site. In the room are 3 people from different departments of the company, whom you have never met. You quickly realize that they could each be their own prospect for your product or service, so you enter them as leads from the same company.


You’re visiting a prospect, Big Mountain Company. You’re about to have a meeting, and before you go in, you can review pertinent facts about the pending deal right on Pipeliner mobile.


Coming out of an on-site client meeting, you access Pipeliner CRM Mobile App activity management to indicate your meeting is done - and see that you have an online presentation for another client in half an hour! You’d better get back to your desk so you can do that!


Pipeliner Sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Dashboard means that everyone on the sales team can easily see and interpret the data, right on mobile devices, to make better, more informed decisions.

Data is only useful if you can easily access it, interpret it—and then use it to make better decisions. We deliver 27 popular, pre-built KPIs that you can use to immediately analyze business for a single salesperson, a sales unit or territory, or a whole sales team.