How It Works

A better way to hire great sales talent

Purpose-driven candidates are the most valuable across every industry and field - they are higher performers, stronger leaders, and stay at organisations longer. We help your Managers to find and hire them....on PurposeHere's how it works:


One Flat Fee

You pay an annual subscription of $9,600 - which includes a complete end-to-end service for a minimum of two new hires per year. 

Paid over a rolling 12-months at $800 per month, there's no big financial hit on your bottom line, just an awesome service and one flat fee. 

We care about your cashflow as much as we care about helping you to hire top sales talent.


Discover Your Purpose Drivers

We start by conducting a baseline Purpose Discovery Program, which includes assessment of your existing sales team in order to establish the purpose drivers new candidates will need to thrive in your unique environment.

A one off fee of $5000 covers this phase of the program. Apart from providing the insights needed to source top new talent, this phase also gives leaders the data they need to turbo charge performance.

Each team member completes the Personal Purpose Profile and receives detailed reports and insights that help them to discover and activate their purpose drivers at work.

Collectively these insights also help to enhance connectivity, teamwork and collaboration. 

We care as much about helping you enhance the productivity and performance of the people you already have as we do about helping you to welcome amazing purpose-oriented sales talent into your organisation.


Additional Hires

If you need to hire more than the two included in your basic subscription, we've got you covered. You can add as many new hires as you like at any time.

Additional hires are charged at a flat fee of $4,800, whatever their salary or package. Again each new hire is paid over a 12-months at $400 per month. We'll simply adjust your monthly subscription so you only have one monthly payment. Easy.

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Promoting Your Brand...on Purpose

We create a profile page for your brand on our careers site designed to promote you as a purpose driven employer and we work actively promote your career opportunities through various online properties and social channels.

Most recruiters promote their own brand and keep their clients identity secret. That's not how we roll. We want to shout your name from the rooftops so the whole world knows how important purpose is to you, your culture and the growth of oyur buisness and its people. 

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Purpose Hiring Dashboard

Your hiring managers are given access to our Purpose Hiring Dashboard, where they can review candidate applications, consider their purpose drivers and prepare for interviews.

Every candidate is unique, with their own combination of purpose drivers. We help your Hiring Managers to prepare by providing tailored interview questions appropriate to each candidate.

Everything we do is designed to help you make great hiring decisions


Your Purpose 

Hiring Partners

Our Purpose Hiring Coaches are dedicated to working with your Hiring Managers to provide the ongoing coaching, support, advice, and guidance necessary to help you build, develop and embed a high performance, purpose driven culture.

Unlike the arms-length, transactional nature of traditional recruitment, we're on the journey with you - all the way. 

All of our Purpose Hiring Coaches have years of experience as salespeople and sales leaders, so you can rest assured you're working with people who have intimate first hand knowledge of what it takes to thrive in today's hyper-competitive sales and business environment.


Hiring on Purpose Sample Scenario

Let's assume a client is looking to hire five salespeople, each with a base salary of $100,000: 

Due to the subscription based nature of the Hire On Purpose program, the client would be paying $24,200 of this fee by monthly instalments over a rolling 12-month period, helping to reduce the cashflow impact on the business and freeing up funds to invest elsewhere. 

Purpose-driven candidates are the most valuable across every industry and field - they are higher performers, stronger leaders, and stay at organisations longer. We help your hiring managers to find and hire them.
— Imperative - Global Purpose Index

Traditional recruitment Sample Scenario

Using the same scenario as above, our client is looking to hire five salespeople, each with a base salary of $100,000, but this time via a traditional recruitment process. For the purposes of this example let’s assume the recruiter charges a 15% fee:

Apart from costing a whopping $45,800 more than you would pay via Hire On Purpose, typically recruitment fees are payable in full once the placement has been made, resulting in a rather large impact on cashflow. That's a big hit, but what are you really getting for your money? A recent report by CEB stated:

“Recruiting organizations are not delivering the high-quality hires their businesses urgently need. 1 in 5 hires are “bad hires” or are “regretted decisions,” and the turnover rate among new hires is much higher than that of all employees combined.

This has financial cost—US$1.6 million in rework for every 1,000 new hires—as well as soft costs: damaged employment brand, recruiter morale, employee engagement, and Recruiting’s relationships with the line.
— CEB - Quality of Hire Report