Sales - it’s a deceptively simple word, just five letters that promise unlimited opportunity and potential yet come loaded with so much baggage and dysfunction. Although no company can live without a sales force the reality is that most are having a really tough time optimising sales performance.  

There are many influencing factors at play, not least of which is the traditional image of the salesperson and the organisations they work for is somewhat tarnished. They are often seen as lacking ethics and morals, being only “in it for the money” and not genuinely caring about their clients or customers.

There is a general feeling that they are not to be trusted, that they are out to manipulate people or rip someone off; and with what can seem like daily headlines and nightly news reports that focus on the latest exploits of unscrupulous sales/business people, some would say these perceptions are well deserved. 

These fears have been further reinforced by the entertainment media, where movies such as Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall StreetBoiler Room and more recently The Wolf of Wall Street have strengthened the characterisation of salespeople (in all their forms) as unethical, slick, self serving, money hungry, ego maniacs in the minds of sellers and buyers alike. In response to this low trust environment sales has become much harder than it needs to be.

Sales Re:Imagined 

Sales is no longer the sole domain of the sales professional, however you define that term. Overcoming these long held beliefs and perceptions in today’s hyper competitive, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world requires every employee at every level of an organisation to play an active role in driving growth and prosperity - in effect we are all in sales. 

This new selling and business environment calls for a break with outdated sales attitudes, structures, cultures and approaches. In order to unlock optimum performance leaders must work to radically change the way both internal and external customer experience sales.

There are tens of millions of salespeople globally each having conversations with customers and clients every day - this is potentially one of the greatest forces for positive change in the world.
— Ian J Lowe - Founder & CEO, eccoh

In order to achieve that result we work with you to create a seamless flow between the three interlocking elements of success: 

  1. Sales Purpose - The laws that govern success in sales are the laws that govern successful relationships, partnerships, alliances, friendships and marriages. Selling is not at its core a business transaction; it is first and foremost the forging of a human connection. Understanding selling means understanding how people work. We help you to get everyone thinking, feeling, behaving, leading, selling and doing business like Go-Givers. 
  2. Sales Culture - When you see your work as exchanging hours for dollars, it’s easy to slip into a mindset of doing a task just well enough to get by. Sadly that is the day-to-day experience for too many people. So many of us have become disconnected from ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. We help to build a culture of excellence where teamwork and collaboration create a swelling tide that raises all ships.
  3. Sales Process - Recognising that sales has become more complex we have partnered with Pipeliner Sales, the most visual CRM on the planet, to ensure the mindsets, behaviours, tasks and activities that drive superior individual, team and organisational performance are seamlessly integrated into every phase of your sales process. You see everything more clearly with eccoh and Pipeliner CRM.

By working with us you'll learn that thinking, behaving, collaborating, inspiring, selling and doing business like a Go-Giver is not only a nicer, more fulfilling and more purposeful way to live life and conduct business, it’s also a very financially profitable way as well. Go-Givers really do sell more, and so can you.