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Purpose Driven Sales for Financial Advisers

Few sectors have experienced more negative attention and change over recent times than financial advice. The past few years seem to have been plagued with daily headlines and nightly news reports on the latest exploits of unscrupulous advisers and the organisations they work for, so it will come as no surprise that trust in the profession has been eroded.

In fact the Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey for 2015 reported that Financial Planners were “Now at their lowest ever rating for very high or high ‘ethics and honesty’ following a series of scandals in the industry.”

This low trust environment is a huge issue because your success as a Financial Adviser emerges from the fabric of your influence in the world around you and that fabric is woven from strands of trust. Attempting to repair the damage with yesterday’s methods, approaches, attitudes, mindsets and cultures is an exercise in futility. What worked before simply doesn’t work any longer. To succeed you need to be much more than in the past. 

As the late great Stephen R. Covey is famously quoted as saying:

“You can’t talk your way out of a problem you behaved your way into!”.
— Stephen R. Covey

By participating in our Success Accelerator program for Financial Advisers you will be doing much more than learning a new philosophy and framework of universal principles that will accelerate individual, team and firm success; you will be joining a unique community of ‘Go-Givers’ who understand success isn't about them, and it isn't even about their products or services, as important as they are. It's about the other person and how you can best serve them. 

Combined with the unique Imperative Purpose Assessment we empower participants to work on purpose by tailoring their day-to-day work, personal development, and career to align with the impact they want to make in the world. By defining the WHOHOW and WHY of what brings meaning to each person, we give each individual their unique blueprint for fulfillment.

Join us and we will take you through a complete process designed to map your journey to personal and business success. Register your interest below and we will be in touch.