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Transform Sales Performance With A Sales Success System You Can Trust

Great Sales Performers Are Made Not Born - Here's How

Make 2019 The Year You Gain The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

For as long as we’ve been studying how to create a high-performance sales culture, our goal has been to work out the formula that would enable companies to avoid many common missteps. That’s why the focus of our work over the past couple of decades has been to crack the code on creating a high-performance sales culture with predictable outcomes.

We can now say that it’s possible to lay out the formula or the “physics” of success and to demonstrate that it’s not a mystical or elusive process, but one that can be reliably expected to deliver if done correctly. It’s not that companies don’t know some - or even many - of these elements. Sometimes they simply don’t practice what they know. Sometimes they do things in the wrong order or are missing one or more of the steps.

The Need For A Paradigm Shift

By far the most common method used to try and enhance sales skills in an effort to accelerate performance, is an isolated training event that lasts somewhere between one to five days at a time. And yet, we have not uncovered a single instance where an expert in any field became a great performer as a direct result of a one-to five-day training event, no matter how great the training. What actually happens is:

  • Your people retain only a small portion of what they learned during the training event.

  • Your people apply only a small portion of what they know.

  • The level of execution of what is known and applied is a fraction of the potential.

Assuming the training was well received, you get an immediate bump in improvement. Yet without continual repetition, reinforcement, reflection, and reward, there is an inevitable decline. Within around the one-month mark almost 90% of what was shared is lost and before you know it, you're pretty much back to where you started.

Despite the investment of your valuable time and money, the training event has failed to create a sustained shift to superior sales performance for the company. Furthermore, the issues you were wanting the intervention to address in the first place remain. In boxing parlance that's a one-two punch combination you may find hard to recover from!

I believe the time is well overdue for companies and everyone involved in the sales process - whether it’s the CEO, sales manager, or salesperson - to break through dysfunctional selling and buying habits and adopt an entirely new paradigm and framework that will take sales to a higher level.
— Stephen R. Covey

There Has To Be A Better Way

For most companies, the need for profitable revenue growth never stops. Unfortunately, the growth of salespeople does. Instead we cycle through ineffective sales training events, muddle through disconnected processes, and struggle to find value in underutilised technology aids. Only getting short-term bumps in productivity that quickly fade rather than seeing lasting change. 

As an organisation - small, medium, large, or mammoth - what can you do differently to change the game and sustainably improve the results?  

This program is our answer to that question. To compare it to a chemical formula, you can have all of the right elements, but if you don’t combine them at the right time, in the right sequence, and at the right temperature, you end up with very different stuff than you intended.

The Formula for Sales Performance Transformation

It's time to say "Goodbye" to isolated training events, dysfunctional mindsets and disconnected processes and engage in an ongoing process of focused learning and deliberate practice, powered by an award-winning sales success system.

The uniquely integrated Helping Clients Succeed sales success system, designed by the experts at the FranklinCovey Sales Performance Practice, teaches salespeople how to become remarkably better at the person-to-person aspects of sales and become trusted advisers to their clients by seeking first to understand their clients’ needs and then working together to create win-win outcomes that benefit both sides.

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Trusted by many of the worlds leading brands and tens of thousands of sales professionals worldwide, the model begins with mindsets - the way we think; followed by skillsets - the way we actually engage; all of which leads to superior results.

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Here's How It Works

Delivered over a period of 12-months, this uniquely integrated sales success system combines a range of best-practice skills development, training and coaching methods and tools all designed to transform sales performance. You can’t train for a marathon in a weekend, and you can’t learn a musical instrument in a single lesson. Getting good at anything is a journey and on your journey with us you and your salespeople will experience the following:

  1. Revolving around the three core Helping Clients Succeed modules that provide transformation across the entire sales cycle. Each 12-week program begins with a one-day interactive work-session:

    Module One - Filling Your Pipeline: Our Filling Your Pipeline program has been designed specifically to enable sales leaders and their teams adopt new and much more effective alternatives to traditional prospecting. Participants learn how to prioritise their time, and plan how to maximise their prospecting efforts. Download the information sheet here.

    Module Two - Qualifying Opportunities: Our Qualifying Opportunities program was created to help sales professionals learn how to uncover and understand their clients’ needs faster and more effectively in order to identify a solution that exactly meets the client’s needs. The result is shorter sales cycles, increased client satisfaction, and more wins! Download the information sheet here.

    Module Three - Closing The Sale: Our Closing The Sale program helps sales professionals increase their win rates by preparing in advance to enable their clients to make good decisions that achieve win-win outcomes. By enabling their clients to make better decisions, your salespeople are far more likely to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes so that closing the sale becomes an enjoyable and rewarding process for everyone. Download the information sheet here.

  2. Each module includes expert developed course workbooks, videos, tools, and templates that build to complete a personlised sales success system for each participant

  3. Following each work-session participants execute a 12-week playbook system that includes weekly activities, where your people will practice specific skills and apply them to opportunities they are working on, ensuring continued development and real-world application.

  4. The Playbook also includes formal reporting and check-ins every 4-weeks. We support this process with coaching tools to ensure Sales Leaders are equipped to provide ongoing support and guidance to overcome any challenges their people may experience.

  5. Coaching is key to creating a high-performance sales culture that delivers superior results. That's why you'll have the support and guidance of an expert FranklinCovey Certfied Sales Coach throughout the learning journey.

  6. As a group learning initiative, the cohort of participants work, learn, and support each other throughout. By partnering up and playing the role of Accountability Coach, they always have someone to provide insights and feedback on the application of specific skills and approaches.

  7. Everyone receives a copy of the international best-selling sales book that started it all - Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play. Written by co-authors and founders of the FranklinCovey Sales Performance Practice, Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig. This remarkable book takes a deep dive into the Helping Clients Succeed model.

Great sales performers are made, not born. And the process to make them is known, practical, and has huge rewards for all involved. All it takes is focus, discipline, and execution. That's exactly what this program delivers. Many of the worlds most successful brands have placed Helping Clients Succeed at the heart of their sales transformation strategy, and now you can join them.

Whether you're an individual entrepreneur or sales professional, are leading sales within a small or medium sized business, or are responsible for a large sales team with a major company - this program is for you and your salespeople. Places are limited so please register your interest in our 2019 Intake below and we will be in touch.

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