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Free Webinar - Helping Clients Succeed: Closing The Sale

Influence decisions to achieve win-win outcomes


Provide your sales team with the skills and tools to increase their win rates by enabling their customers to make good decisions that benefit both the buyer and the seller.


Research from CSO Insights 2011 showed that only one out of six sales presentations had greater than a 50/50 chance of resulting in a sale. We feel many salespeople — even solid professionals — lose a sale for two common reasons:

  1. Many sales presentations are lost before they are even given. Salespeople present to open the sales cycle rather than presenting to close.
  2. The sales presentations are information rich and decision poor. The presentations end in “thanks a lot,” “we’ll think about it,” “Hey—could you leave us some of the PowerPoint slides?” Critically, no decision is made.


With the right advocacy skills, you demonstrate more effectively how your solution will help your client get what they want and need. In this program you will learn how to win deals more consistently by applying the skillsets of top performers.

Top Performer Differentiators:

  • They sell with the intent to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • They skillfully prepare and create the conditions for good decision making in every client meeting.
  • They spend less time talking at the client, and more time discussing with the client those decisions that will best serve the client's needs.
  • They follow a simple, reliable process for good decision-making.

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