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Free Webinar - Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities

How qualified are the opportunities in your team’s pipeline?


Over the past 15 years, FranklinCovey has worked with thousands of sales teams all over the world, and studied what the top performing sales professionals do as a matter of habit. Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities is designed to help sales teams consciously replicate these best practices in order to achieve superior results in qualifying their deals.

Qualifying Opportunities helps sales professionals quickly and effectively identify good opportunities in their pipelines and significantly decrease ‘pipeline fiction’ by eliminating the weak ones. The results are less time chasing the wrong deals, more time focusing on the right deals, and dramatic decreases in the overall cost of sales.


There’s a lot of "good stuff" available to sales professionals with regards to sales training. The secret is finding a way to get good at doing the good stuff!

Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities employs an expert designed playbook process to help sales professionals apply what they learned over the course of 12-weeks to ensure sustained behavior change.


Qualifying Opportunities was designed to guarantee a clear and significant return on investment. From start to finish, participants work on current deals while tracking and reporting their progress.

OUR PROMISE: You and your sales team can get significantly better at qualifying opportunities in and out of your pipeline as you apply the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of top performers over the course of our unique 12-week playbook driven program.

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