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Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline 1-Day Workshop

  • eccoh Mezzanine Level, 383 Kent Street Sydney, NSW 2000 (map)

Most salespeople and sales teams may have already missed their goal and don’t even know it!

After more than a decade of working with literally thousands of sales professionals all over the world, we’ve learned:

  • The prospecting techniques that worked so well in the past simply won’t work today.
  • Sales pipelines are too small and full of opportunities that will go nowhere.
  • While sales teams are working harder and faster than ever, they are focused on the wrong activities.
  • Most companies won’t realise they’ve missed their goals until it’s too late!

A New and Effective Approach to Prospecting With a Measurable Return on Investment

Sales professionals face a great number of challenges and obstacles in their day-to-day initiatives. Chief among them - filling their pipelines with targeted high-quality leads and opportunities. They make hundreds of calls, send dozens of emails, and only have a handful of appointments to show for it at best - it’s so frustrating!

What if there was an effective, predictable alternative to traditional prospecting that could turn the cycle around and generate unprecedented conversion rates - would you be interested?

FranklinCovey's Filling Your Pipeline program has been designed specifically for sales leaders, sales teams and for individual salespeople who are looking for new and effective alternatives to traditional prospecting methods.

Learn How to Increase Your Sales Pipeline With Alternatives to Traditional Prospecting

Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline has been designed to guarantee a clear and significant return on investment. From start to finish, participants work on current deals while tracking and reporting their progress.


You and your sales team can get significantly better at filling your pipeline as you apply the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of top performers over the course of this one-day workshop and by following an expert designed playbook process to help participants apply what they've learned over the following 12-weeks to ensure sustained behavior change.