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Achieve More In 2019 By Unlocking The Power of Reciprocity.

Are You Ready to Try On The Ring?

One thing we know for sure is that workplaces, organisations and communities thrive when people generously give help to one another. That being said asking for help and being receptive to help when it's offered is something many really struggle with.

The really great news is that you can break those limiting habits for yourself and for your colleagues by learning how to unlock the power and practice of reciprocity. That’s what this unique workshop is all about.

Introducing the Reciprocity Ring®

The Reciprocity Ring® is a high energy, group-level activity that enables participants to give and get help with things they really care about, generate high quality connections, strengthen networks, generate positive emotions and build social capital.

Participants engage in acts of paying it forward while expanding their networks and gaining concrete benefits such as solving a problem, gathering critical information for a task, or receiving a referral to someone who can help with an opportunity or project. Each group of 24 people realises benefits valued at over $150,000 and saves over 1,600 hours of time. Many groups achieve even more!

This powerful half-day experience that has been used to share the power and practice of reciprocity in order to build high performance teams, break down silos, create a culture of collaboration and change and generate new sources of value creation, creativity and innovation by hundreds of the worlds leading companies and educational institutions. And now it's your turn to try on the ring and achieve more in 2018.

At the end of your Ring experience, you will walk out with a “Wow!”

The reason? People who use the Ring meet their actual needs, both personal and professional. They get the information they need. They solve real problems. That’s because the Reciprocity Ring emphasises the importance of solutions.

During your Reciprocity Ring experience, you will:

  • Learn the power and practice of reciprocity

  • Find solutions to your personal and professional issues while focusing on contributing to others

  • Build trust as you learn about and help one another

Real World Results

The Reciprocity Ring does not deal in hypotheticals - its performance is backed up with hard data from real-world experience. We record and track the results of the Ring. Our evidence shows that during the Reciprocity Ring experience real business benefits are achieved:

  • The monetary values of benefits achieved typically exceeds $150,000

  • The time saved by participants typically exceeds 1,600 hours

  • The Reciprocity Ring builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants

  • The Reciprocity Ring is transformative - and informative. Not only will you receive solutions to your issues, you’ll also learn a lot more about your fellow participants, be they colleagues or people you've met for the first time at the event

Are you ready to try on the ring and achieve more in 2019? We have multiple dates running throughout the year so please get in touch via the form below and we’ll find a date that works for you and your team. 

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