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Purpose Driven Sales for Professional Services

In our experience many in professional services have a love-hate relationship with sales. Although they need to drive the growth and prosperity of the firm, they hate the selling part. They don’t believe they’re any good at it. They get performance anxiety and don’t feel comfortable with the idea of “pitching” or using what can feel like manipulative and inauthentic techniques. They don’t like having things pushed on them, and don’t really expect their clients to like it much either. They want and need to sell, they just don’t like or want to be in ‘selling mode’.

Like many other sectors, professional services is facing rampant disruption, competition is ferocious and there are numerous other firms offering products and services that are just as good as yours and the people delivering them are just as skilled as you are. You might think that lowering your fees to win the business is a good strategy, but that certainly won’t work in many cases and it can actually work against you by commoditising your services and cheapening your brand. 

Interestingly the Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey for 2015 reported that Accountants were at “…their lowest rating for over a decade” and that Lawyers had also experienced a significant drop in their rating for honesty and ethical standards. Although their 2016 survey show's that both accountants and lawyers have improved slightly, there's still a lot of work to do.

In today's new selling and business environment yesterday’s methods, approaches, attitudes, mindsets and cultures are no longer effective or relevant. What worked before simply doesn’t work any longer. To succeed you need to be much more than in the past. 

As Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying:

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
— Albert Einstein

Ultimately the success of your firm comes down to sales success. It’s where the rubber meets the road. However, traditional sales techniques, approaches and mindsets are not enough. Rather it’s about understanding and respecting human nature. This is what determines what people think, say and do. This is also what determines whether you are successful or not.

You must be able to communicate your value through every interaction with your colleagues and clients….every single time. Fortunately, when you operate from the correct premise, this is totally and absolutely predictable. Make 2017 the year you embrace a new way - The Go-Giver Way.

By participating in our Success Accelerator program for Professional Services you will be doing much more than learning a new philosophy and framework of universal principles that will accelerate individual, team and firm success; you will be joining a unique community of ‘Go-Givers’ who understand success isn't about them, and it isn't even about their products or services, as important as they are. It's about the other person and how you can best serve them. 

Combined with the unique Imperative Purpose Assessment we empower participants to work on purpose by tailoring their day-to-day work, personal development, and career to align with the impact they want to make in the world. By defining the WHOHOW and WHY of what brings meaning to each person, we give each individual their unique blueprint for fulfillment.

Join us and we will take you through a complete process designed to map your journey to personal and business success. Register your interest below and we will be in touch.