Want to change your life in 2-hours?

If you were given 2-hours to improve your life, what would you do? It’s an interesting question, right? When I say your life, it could be to improve any area: think professional, personal, financial, spiritual or even your health.

I tested this with my partner whose first jocular response was ‘sleep’. Following this she declared she would spend it on a full-on bikram yoga session. I asked the same question of one of my best friends, and her response was to ‘meditate and go on a long walk’. I have to agree they are both smart answers given the short time restriction.

But hear me out. I’m going to offer a suggestion that encompasses all of the above. And while it might not work for everyone, it could work for you. It comes in the form of a little red book (not the obvious one).

It’s called The Go-Giver and the authors are Bob Burg and John David Mann. You may have already read it (it’s an Amazon best seller), and if you did, did it have a profound effect?

And if you haven’t, my hope is that this article will stir you to get your hands on a copy.
Without turning this post into a long book review, here’s a super short synopsis.

The Go-Giver is a 120-page parable based on an ambitious, driven young man called Joe who is in every sense a go-getter. However, regardless of how hard he works, he never seems close to achieving his goals.

At the end of a business quarter – with his target a stratosphere away – Joe has a chance meeting with a business genius called Pindar whose success knows no limits. Over the course of a week Pindar introduces Joe to some unlikely business heroes. They all share a common value: the power of being a Go-Giver.

Joe is introduced to the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success which slowly teach him to change his focus and values from getting to giving. It is a wonderful book which is almost disguised as a Disney tale. The teachings are very powerful.

So what are these five laws of Stratospheric Success you may ask?

#1 - Law of Value

#2 - Law of Compensation

#3 - Law of Influence

#4 - Law of Authenticity

#5 - Law of Receptivity

This short video will provide a much better outline on these laws than my writing skills can offer.

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I recently met with Ian Lowe, a charismatic, smart Yorkshire man who is the Founder and CEO of eccoh. Ian and his team are assisting innovative businesses with sales transformation and coaching to develop frameworks and embed into their culture the five laws of stratospheric success from The Go-Giver.

I asked Ian to briefly give insight on why sales people, or for that matter anybody working to be successful, should first read this book and apply its principles. Here’s what he wrote.

Apart from being a much nicer, more fulfilling and more satisfying way to live life and conduct business, the five interlocking principles we share in The Go-Giver story help to drive superior performance and success for all stakeholders inside and outside an organisation.

But it’s much bigger than achieving more, as important as that is, it’s also about living more. In a world that all to often leaves us feeling disconnected, isolated and unappreciated, these principles help us to re-discover our true authentic selves and to celebrate the unique value we all have to offer the world.

When we can do that, when we can ‘walk in our value’, when we can shift our thinking from ‘what’s in it for me’ to ‘what can I do for you’ and touch the lives of those we interact with in ways that uplift and enhance them, be they colleagues or customers, we’re creating a momentum for positive change in the world that is unstoppable.

I am eternally grateful to you for reading my post. I would love to hear from people who have read or end up reading The Go-Giver. By reading the book (and encouraging others to by forwarding or sharing this post), you can genuinely improve your life in just 2-hours.

David Wolstenholme leads Client Development Services with strategy, marketing and management firm Eyes Wide Open. Thank you for your wisdom David.

Image Credit: Groundhog Day Movie, 1993, Columbia Pictures