Press Release

We are thrilled to announce the formation of an alliance between eccoh and THiNK, a specialist marketing operations and advisory firm. 

This unique combination brings almost 20 years of collective experience navigating the complexities of sales and marketing in the professional services environment to firms across Australia. eccoh Founder & CEO, Ian J Lowe and THiNK Founder and CEO, Lawrence Allum have previously worked together leading sales and marketing at big four firm Deloitte, experiencing first-hand the disruptive forces challenging our industry.

They have come to believe that in today's evolving clients and markets environment yesterday’s methods, approaches, attitudes, mindsets and cultures are no longer effective or relevant. What worked before simply doesn’t work any longer. Succeeding today requires much more than in the past.

Responding to the realities of the changing professional services environment eccoh and THiNK have forged an alliance to make their uniquely integrated portfolio of world class sales and marketing services available to the most innovative and forward thinking professional services firms across Australia.

Please click on the following link to learn more - Rethinking Sales and Marketing in Professional Services.

About THiNK - Marketing, Operations & Advisory

THiNK is focused on: marketing and operations, taking a commercial view and delivering projects. We believe sales and marketing is more complicated than ever before but we have walked in our clients’ shoes and understand the issues, success factors and how to win.

THiNK’s management and strategy; marketing delivery; operations and ideation services are deployed to help our clients uniquely act and react to opportunities / situations. Ultimately, giving them back time and agility, whilst helping marketing teams take a commercial and creative view in their unique environment.

Lawrence Allum, founder and CEO, most recently worked as the Head of Marketing Operations for Deloitte Australia. He is a global marketer who has worked across: marketing management and strategy; operations; branding; and communications for the last 15 years.

About eccoh - Sales Transformation

eccoh is much more than a sales transformation company; we are pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about sales. Our mission is to harness the collective energies of every salesperson on the planet as a force for good in the world.

By combining a unique sales philosophy and methodology with the latest developments in neuroscience we build purpose driven sales teams and workplaces. Integrated with world class CRM and Social Capital building technologies, our programs deliver a refreshingly open, authentic and purposeful approach to success in sales, in business and in life.

Ian J Lowe, founder and CEO, has enjoyed a stellar career as a high performance sales leader, sales professional, entrepreneur and consultant for almost 30 years. Before taking the helm at eccoh he spent five years working as Director of Sales and Business Development with global professional services firm Deloitte. He has enjoyed success as a result of his own efforts, as a member of high performing teams and by building and leading high performing teams.

For more information Lawrence Allum can be contacted on 0404 722 941 or and Ian J Lowe can be contacted on 0404 898164 or