How to Sell in a VUCA World

In recent years the USA military realised that the world they operate in has changed and they needed to change with it.  To explain the changed world they use the term VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

In this discussion Ian J Lowe tells us that businesses are living in a VUCA world. We as salespeople need to understand what this means to our customers – we need to become part of the solution versus part of the problem.  He says that if we do this we can help change the world.

He outlines how we need to change in order to help our customers with the VUCA situation – to work with them to navigate themselves through this difficult business world.

As CEO’s and sales leaders we need to change our mode of operation. We need to equip our organisation and our people to deal with this new environment so they could respond in ways that were appropriate to the situation.

Ian states that in order to do this we need to start by taking our eyes off ourselves and off our products and services, and to genuinely focus on the client and what they’re trying to achieve. He goes on to say “we can’t go in with some preconceived solution or some agenda so that we can get what we want”. If we do this we add to the customers VUCA and will be seen as not adding value.

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