Three Brain Congruency For Sales Effectiveness

In previous discussions with  Ian J Lowe  he has claimed salespeople can change the world by truly putting the customer at the centre of why we sell.  Ian suggested that for many it requires a substantial change in mindset. So I asked him if he could explain the importance of changing our mindset and how we can do it. This is one of a number of interviews with Ian that I will publish on this subject.

In this specific discussion Ian Lowe tells us that we have three brains and in order to engage effectively with the customer we must first have congruency between the three. For a while I wondered what he was smoking.

He told me that there are millions of neurons in our heart and our gut – so each in effect are brains. And these neurons communicate up to the head brain – not the other way around. So a gut reaction is the gut brain communicating to the head brain.  In the same way our feelings are communicated to our head from our heart brain. Ian goes on to explain such communication is a result of something we sense and is called a 'reactance'. He gives some examples of reactance to which we can all relate.

What has this got to do with selling?

Well, imagine you are meeting with a client – their heart brain, the gut brain and the head brain are all working together, giving the person a sense of the interaction that we’re having. And if they get a gut sense – or they get a feeling in their heart – that something’s not quite right here, “there’s some sort of disconnect between what you’re saying or doing and how I’m feeling,” that’s going to have a negative impact.

So that is why your intent towards your customer has to be 100% pristine as a deep commitment.  As Ian says; “We really have to examine our motives and our intent, and really understand what it is we’re doing, what it is we’re all about, what it is we’re trying to achieve” to ensure our customers reactions are positive.

And yes, we need to have congruence between our three brains if we are to engage effectively with our customer and build trust.

View the full interview below. If you are in a position of leadership this interview may provide good insight into how we might want to transform the way we sell as an organisation. I recommend it for CEO’s, COO’s HR, Sales leaders, as well as professional salespeople.

Ian is the CEO of eccoh (formally Go-Givers Australia). He is an expert in sales transformation and a specialist in why people sell.

View the full interview below:

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