Building Business on a Foundation of Value and Authenticity

I've known Julian Khursigara for several years now. We met as a result of a collaboration between the companies each of us worked for at the time and have continued to collaborate many times since. I've always thought of Julian as a very natural Go-Giver so I'm not at all surprised the principles Bob and John share in the book have resonated so strongly. In this guest post Julian shares his thoughts on the laws of Value and Authenticity and how they have helped him to form the foundations for success in his thriving business. Enjoy Julian's wisdom. - Ian J Lowe.

Highly successful entrepreneurs and individuals often recommend strategies such as expanding their personal horizons through reading and research, creating and being a part of productive environments as well as creating healthy work/life balances. In our office, we have a shared working library where we encourage each other to exchange books and ultimately ideas that will contribute to our personal and environmental success. I personally find a great deal of value in exploring relevant literature or other resources to develop my approach to personal and business growth.

I have been reading Bob Burg and John David Mann’s book, The Go-Giver where they discuss The Laws of Stratospheric Success. Two of these laws stand out for me as someone who is working to bring an established global brand to the Australian market, the Laws of Value and Authenticity.

To give you a brief background on what these laws refer to, The Law of Value suggests that by focusing on delivering value over financial reimbursement will lead to greater success when interacting with new, existing and potential partners or customers.

The Law of Authenticity is following your passions to deliver results stating that “The most valuable thing you have to give people is yourself.”

Our current business programs are centred around delivering value. That being said, what is business? It’s really just people, individuals or teams coming together to deliver a service, product or offering in order to create profits and/or achieve particular results.

We’re finding more and more that it’s not as much about the existing brand, it’s about the individuals behind the helm and the creation of excellent teams with a localised approach.

I can show Australian retailers global case studies, testimonials and marketing materials demonstrating our credibility, successes and offerings from an international perspective. At the end of the day, it’s just coming across as information that doesn't always prove relevant to people in the local business environment. Working from the ground up in Australia means that time is required to build quality relationships as well as relevant localised content.

We are pouring the foundations of business before constructing the walls, turrets and overall structure. With a focus on delivering value by investing time and effort into relationships through effective listening and a genuine desire to help resolve their challenges, we have set out to drive long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with Australian organisations.

This approach is enhanced by the Law of Authenticity as individuals that are pursuing motivations that have an affinity with their personal drive will be consciously or sub-consciously recognised as being authentic in both personal and business dealings. As such, we are making a genuine effort to engage with the key stakeholders in the industry, attend tradeshows and get to know their challenges in an effort to better develop our brand’s credibility and trust in the marketplace.

Once the foundation has been poured and we've established solid brand credibility and trust in Australia we will be in a better position to leverage existing partnerships to create localised content and continue to increase our reach. For now, authentically delivering value to our new, existing and prospective partners is a high priority.

An associate Ian J Lowe was so moved by the Go-Giver philosophy he set up a company to help individuals, teams and entire companies learn how to embrace these principles and build high performance collaborative cultures. I can highly recommend their services, so please visit if you would like to find out more.

About The Author

Julian Khursigara is the Country Head of Webloyalty Australia, where he helps online retailers build stronger, more profitable relationships with their customers, whilst earning incremental revenue. In his spare time, Julian can be found at the SCG with his two daughters cheering on his beloved Sydney Swans or in his lounge room drinking single malt whiskey whilst listening to his vinyl record collection’.