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Partners On Purpose

We are very excited to announce that eccoh has entered into an alliance with Imperative Group, a Seattle based company pioneering a movement to help individuals, teams and entire organisations to unlock the power of purpose to transform work, careers, cultures and the planet.

Founded by CEO and author of The Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst and COO Arthur Woods Imperative has already helped more than 100,000 professionals awaken purpose in their work and has led the largest global research agenda on purpose. Imperative offers a ground breaking set of assessments and associated learning resources that help individuals and teams define and activate their purpose drivers.

On a mission to change the way the world thinks about success in sales, in business and in life, eccoh offers a world leading suite of integrated consulting, learning and technology solutions designed to help people and the organisations they work for to do more than survive but thrive in today’s hyper competitive VUCA world.

Ian J Lowe, Founder and CEO of eccoh said “Simply turning up every day and performing the prescribed tasks and activities of our jobs falls well short of fulfilling the desire we all have for greater meaning and purpose in our lives. This disconnect is no doubt one of the key reasons why only 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work according Gallup and why a recent study from AON Hewitt found that workplace trust was at an all-time low.

The world of work has changed and we need to be much more than before, especially when it comes to greater success and satisfaction in sales. By helping us to discover and connect with our purpose drivers Imperative’s ground breaking assessments give us the insights we need to not only make a great living, but to create a great life – on purpose.

We are so excited to partner with Imperative in order to help organisations across Australia become part of this global movement to transform work for the emerging Purpose Economy”

Imperative has the only assessment to define what brings purpose to each of your employees lives. It empowers them to tailor their day-to-day work, personal development, and career to align with the impact they want to make in the world by defining the WHO, HOW and WHY of what brings meaning to each person and by giving each individual their unique blueprint for fulfilment.

Commenting on the alliance Arthur Woods, Co-Founder and COO of Imperative said “We’re thrilled for the leadership and vision of the eccoh team as they take our work around purpose to new heights in Australia. They are helping this movement truly become a global effort.”

To make purpose the foundation of high performance inside your company or organisation please contact Ian J Lowe on 0404 898164 or To find out more please click on the button below.

About Eccoh

eccoh is a Sydney, Australia based sales transformation, coaching and consulting organisation pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about success in sales, in business and in life. By combining a unique sales philosophy with the latest developments in neuroscience, seamlessly enabled by world class tools and technologies, their programs deliver a refreshingly open, authentic and purposeful approach to success in sales, in business and in life.

About Imperative

Imperative is leading the largest global research and innovation effort on purpose in the workplace. Their breakthrough assessment and learning system provides the first place for people to uncover and apply what intrinsically motivates them and gives them purpose in their work.  Imperative partners with forward-thinking organisations to equip them with the tools, system and support network to drive purpose and career direction for their people while driving productivity, alignment and engagement for the organisation. Imperative has worked with a wide range of organisations from Coca-Cola to LinkedIn. They have been featured in ForbesFastCompanyInc and by Bersin by Deloitte.