Cold Calling

"It's Prospecting Jim, But Not As We Know it"

"It's Prospecting Jim, But Not As We Know it"

Unfortunately a huge amount of time and energy is wasted during the prospecting phase of the sales process. Too many eager sellers are randomly smiling and dialing. Do they really think clients are sitting by the telephone excitedly waiting for calls from salespeople to hear them pitch their products or services?

Is Cold Calling Really Dead?

Is  Cold Calling Really Dead?

You may have heard a rumor that cold calling is history. I’m here to tell you it’s still very much alive. I know, because I get numerous cold calls at my office every day from people inviting me to webinars, offering me CRM tools, telling me about hiring techniques that get the best employees, and so on. The most interesting ones are from sales people who want to teach me to cold call more effectively! Not to mention the incessant calls I get at home from telemarketers. I don’t believe cold calling will ever go away.