Connecting your sales force with purpose brings measurable business impact. Research from the EY Beacon Institute and Harvard Business School shows that companies that lead with purpose are 202% more likely to be profitable. Think about your sales organisation. Are your leaders and salespeople set up to achieve their highest potential? Are you?

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, and yet 2 out of 3 of us are disengaged in our jobs. Only 15% of the global workforce reports being actively involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work, and trust worldwide has fallen to crisis levels. More than just about any other profession, salespeople feel the impact of todays disengaged, low trust world through longer sales cycles, inability to access to key stakeholders, lack of collaboration, and other dysfunctional buying behaviours. There has never been a more crucial time to connect your salespeople with their purpose.

Just imagine what would happen if every person was connected to purpose at work - to a job that mattered to them, their colleagues, their company, their customers and the world. Imagine how much more productive and successful they’d be. Think of what we could collectively accomplish. As a leader you have the power to make work more meaningful. You can create engagement and inspiration - by connecting purpose with work.

join the purpose movement - you’ll be in good company

The Brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.
— Richard Branson

Thrive with the science of Purpose

Through our partnership with US based purpose pioneer Imperative, a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) established to bring breakthrough insights on intrinsic motivation and purpose to the workforce, we are enabling everyone to uncover and apply their purpose drivers to realise their potential and accelerate the growth and success of individuals, teams, and entire organisations.

Founded by CEO and author of The Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst and COO Arthur Woods Imperative has already helped more than 100,000 professionals and many of the worlds leading brands awaken purpose in their work and has led the largest global research agenda on purpose. We're excited to have joined the purpose movement by offering our clients access to the worlds first purpose development and learning platform. We help you to measure what generates purpose for each of your employees and equip your leaders to have transformational conversations that build agile, inclusive, and high performing teams.

It's Time to Change the Nature of Work

Imperative’s living assessment and learning platform empowers people and teams to uncover and activate purpose to address their most critical needs. We are building a workforce where everyone is fulfilled.
— Aaron Hurst, co-founder and CEO Imperative

Find your purpose and inspire others to find theirs

Purpose-Oriented employees aren't just teachers and social workers. They work and thrive in every industry and role - accountants, farmers, designers, you name it. Purpose-oriented employees are the highest performers, often in leadership roles. 

Imperative's breakthrough Personal Purpose Profile is the first comprehensive assessment, report and learning combination to predict what brings purpose to each of your employees. It enables them to build self-awareness around what intrinsically motivates them. This allows employees to tailor their work and careers by using their purpose drivers. Are your team working with purpose? Are you? Find out below.


The Imperative Platform.png


The Imperative platform makes purpose accessible and fully integrated into your organisation. It makes purpose a consistent part of your employee experience from their first interview to their last day (and beyond). At Imperative we are constantly researching purpose
to uncover new insights – it is a living platform,
not a static assessment.

Activate Organisational Purpose.png


Imperative activates an organisation's articulated purpose by connecting it to each employee's purpose. They are each then able to activate their purpose in service to the organisation's broader purpose.

Purpose Analytics.png

Purpose Analytics

The Imperative platform is the first and only platform that creates purpose analytics that can guide your strategy and continuous improvement investments throughout the employee lifecycle. What types of purpose are most common in the organisation and in which areas? What is the weekly fulfillment pulse of the entire organisation and where is there a need to improve? What experiments are employees using that successfully
boost their fulfillment and which are failing?


Enable employees to discover their purpose - who they seek to serve, how they seek to serve them, and why they are motivated to serve them. The Individual Purpose Assessment and report provides individuals with clarity about their purpose type and drivers, employees know what truly motivates them and can begin their journey.

Develop Leadership Competencies

Purpose-driven employees each have one of three purpose-driven leaderships styles: craft-driven, impact-driven, or values-driven. When they embrace their style they are able to more quickly develop into authentic leaders. The Personal Purpose Profile defines their style and offers concrete tips on how activate it in their work.

Leadership Competencies.jpg


Develop individual personal purpose statements and stories, an articulation of their purpose assessment results in their own words that they can own. Purpose is at the core of one's identity. The Purpose Statement Builder enables an employee to describe their purpose in their own words and share it, it begins to define them and give them the courage to lead with purpose.


Connect with colleagues in the organisation to uncover their Purpose Drivers. Gain insights into how to best team up, complement work and lean on those of similar drivers for empowerment and support.

Enhance Collaboration.png


Act with Purpose using actionable advice on setting goals, growth opportunities to realize potential, ideal opportunities, communication, and collaboration. The individual assessment also provides advice on how to shape their work to maximise their impact and fulfillment.

Overcome Potential Biases

Every employee, when working in alignment with their purpose drivers, has incredible potential and ability to impact the organization's success. But their purpose also creates biases in how they solve problems and engage with their colleagues. The Personal Purpose Profile surfaces these biases so the team can own them and work to overcome them.

Potential Biases.jpg

Connect Volunteering and Philanthropy

Our purpose drivers predict what types of volunteering and giving will be the most fulfilling and have the greatest impact in the community. The Personal Purpose Profile provides insights for each employee on how to make their community investments strategic for themselves and the organisation.

Volunteering and Philanthropy.png

Team Purpose Profile

The Imperative Team Purpose Profile is based on the largest experiment on intrinsic motivation and teams in history. Aaron Hurst, Imperative's CEO, worked for over a dozen years with nearly 2,000 cross-functional teams as the President of the Taproot Foundation

Team Purpose .png

He uncovered what makes teams profoundly motivated and high performing - even when you can't pay or promote them. A team’s purpose is a shared understanding of who the team serves, how they serve them, and why they are motivated to serve them. It provides the team with a shared intrinsic motivation and guide for making decisions and prioritising investments. 

The Imperative Team Report is based on analysis your individual team members purpose assessments, and it helps leaders and their teams to:






This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

An opportunity to unlock the power to transform the nature of work, to energise careers, to turbo charge teamwork and collaboration, to accelerate success and to create a better world.

2019 Workforce Purpose Index.png

Your people want to be fulfilled, not just engaged. Are they?

In this Workforce Purpose Index, we uncovered something that surprised us - it is statistically impossible to be fulfilled in life if you aren’t fulfilled at work. This makes employee fulfillment, unlike employee engagement, a true imperative.

Peer Coaching White Paper.png

How to Scale Growth Mindset in Your Company.

Based on the latest adult learning theory and the growing body of scientific insights about human interaction, Imperative has developed a platform to enable employers to scale transformational peer coaching across their organisation.

Launching Your Purpose.png

Launching Your Purpose eBook.

You articulated your company’s purpose and are excited to launch it to inspire and galvanise your team. This Imperative guide takes your through the three phases of employee adoption and the tactics associated with each one.


Take The Purpose Employer Audit.

Where are you on the journey to fully embracing purpose in your talent strategy? Our new Purpose Employer Audit empowers you to quickly assess how far along you are on your journey and where to make your next investments to be purpose-powered.

Empowering Women to Lead.png

Empowering Women to Lead - On Purpose.

Women are 43% more likely to be purpose-oriented and it is proven that purpose-driven leaders produce extraordinary results. Use this eBook to explore how to empower the women in your organisation to lead using purpose as the foundation for success.

HBR - Business Case for Purpose.png

The Business Case For Purpose.

Over the past few years, a growing number of corporate leaders and experts have spoken out
about how a strong shared sense of purpose can help companies meet new challenges and
transform their organisations.

In order to understand why, and more importantly, how, companies are employing purpose to guide and lend impetus to their transformations, Harvard Business Review conducted a survey sponsored by the EY Beacon Institute.

Deloitte Purpose Report.png

2030 Purpose: Good Business and a Better Future.

2030 Purpose is a choice, and a choice that has many implications. But it is a choice that is increasingly recognised as a necessary condition for the delivery of long term value, both to direct stakeholders and wider society.

The State Of The Debate On Purpose In Business.

Whether you are already executing your own purpose-led transformation or are interested in understanding this important trend, we hope this report will help bring you a little closer to achieving your purpose.

PWC - Putting Purpose To Work.png

Putting Purpose To Work: A Study of Purpose in the Workplace.

It’s no secret that employees and leaders
see the importance of purpose in business.
What does it really mean to bring purpose
to life for employees, and why does it matter
for the business?

Companies that understand the increasing emphasis of purpose in today’s professional landscape improve their ability to attract such employees and also their ability to retain them for longer periods of time.
— Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman and co-founder LinkedIn


How Heineken Mexico's CEO Uses Purpose To Unleash The Power Of His Organization.

How YWCA's CEO Dara Richardson-Heron Leads By Taking On Big Challenges.


Why Ben and Jerry's CEO Pushes His Company To Merge Ice Cream And Social Justice.

How Steelcase Rearranged Its Workplace To Create A Purposeful Office.


How SAP's CEO Bill McDermott Is Using Empathy To Build More Powerful Teams.

How Travel Can Help People

Find Their Superpower To Do Good.

Whatever metrics you use, working on purpose transforms individuals, teams and organisations

For Organisations

  • 600% Higher performance over 10 years

  • 68% More likely to experience revenue growth

  • 50% Larger leadership pipeline

  • 36% Higher employee net promoters

  • 20% Higher retention

For Individuals

  • 64% More likely fulfilled at work

  • 54% More likely to have an impact at work

  • 51% More likely to have strong relationships

For Teams

  • Higher Psychological Safety

  • Greater Dependability, Stability, Meaning and Impact

Applications of Imperative

Learn how Imperative clients are working to apply the science of purpose to transform the way their organisations empower people to thrive:


Case Study

LinkedIn leverages Imperative to help their employees grow in their roles and build new career narratives.

Your highest potential employees are motivated by more than money and accolades - they are seeking purposeful work. Leverage Imperative to help them grow in their current role, set new personalised goals for their work and transform the way they operate and communicate to derive purpose.

Teamwork Image.jpeg

Driving Employee Career Development

The Individual Purpose Profile gives your employees specific growth targets where they can focus their development and strengthen their competencies at work

Imperative gives your employees the tools to build their own career narrative around purpose

Imperative provides recommendations for each employee to job hack and enhance aspects of their work and existing role to derive more meaning

The Team Purpose Profile gives your employees specific recommendations for enhancing their relationship building


Case Study

VF put purpose to work in their strategy, marketing and corporate sustainability.

VF and its leadership understood early on that developing and launching an inspiring corporate purpose was just the first step in becoming purpose-led, performance-driven, and value creating. Beyond discovering the business’ purpose, a second step was to help every associate gain clarity around their own personal purpose – and to link this personal purpose to the organisational one.

VF Corp.jpg

Launching a Corporate Purpose

VF partnered with Imperative to map out a three-part, individual purpose discovery plan.

The first step of this plan was to prepare the VF executive team to share how they themselves connected with the VF purpose. Each member of the executive team developed a “personal purpose story” to share at their Global Leadership Conference.

After these stories were shared, Steve Rendle, VF Corp CEO, made a public commitment to all associates that they too would have the opportunity to discover their own sources of fulfillment and create an authentic connection to the VF purpose. To kick off that process, each member of the global leadership team was invited to take the purpose Assessment and participate in a purpose workshop.


Case Study

Black Hills Works leverages the team purpose profile to develop high impact teams.

Aaron Hurst, Imperative’s CEO, led the largest study in history on intrinsic motivation and teams. He has used those insights along with research from Google to develop the first assessment to help teams lead and operate with purpose at their core.

High Impact Image.jpg

Building High Impact Teams

The Team Purpose Profile provides deep analysis for a team on everything from their style to their collective purpose to the opportunities for growth for each member of the team.

The Team Purpose Profile also provides insights about where the team will have innate strengths and where it will likely require intentional effort to achieve its potential.


Case Study

MetLife leverages Imperative to develop their high potential women leaders.

Investing in purpose is investing in an inclusive organisation. Women are 50% more likely to be purpose-driven and their success is linked to being able to connect purpose to their work each day and grow as purpose-driven leaders. In addition, the Imperative platform identifies and addresses unconscious biases and encourages psychological safety on teams.

Inclusive image.jpg

Advancing Inclusion in the Workplace

The Individual Purpose Profile helps individuals identify and articulate their purpose to lead with confidence and better advocates for their needs.

The Team Purpose Profile provides managers and team members with insights on unconscious biases to build rich team cultures of psychological safety.

The Purpose Hiring Coach gives hiring managers customized, purpose-driven language to use throughout the recruiting process to inspire candidates to join the organization.

Leading organisations worldwide are using Imperative's groundbreaking tools to gain in-depth analysis about their purpose and learn how to work in alignment with it. To join them please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.