Now is the moment we can change the nature of work to realise our potential as professionals, organisations and society. We have the knowledge and tools to revolutionise work, now we just need the leaders with the courage and conviction to lead the change.

Purpose is the foundation of high performing teams. It defines their culture. It aligns its members. It inspires great work. It guides everyone on the team to realise their potential. Through our partnership with US based pioneer Imperative, a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) established to bring breakthrough insights on intrinsic motivation and purpose to the workforce, we are enabling everyone to uncover and apply their purpose drivers to realise their potential and accelerate the growth and success of individuals, teams and entire organisations.

Founded by CEO and author of The Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst and COO Arthur Woods Imperative has already helped more than 100,000 professionals awaken purpose in their work and has led the largest global research agenda on purpose. Imperative offers a ground breaking set of assessments and associated learning resources that help individuals and teams define and activate their purpose drivers.

It's Time to Change the Nature of Work


Purpose-Oriented employees aren't just teachers and social workers. They work and thrive in every industry and role - accountants, farmers, designers, you name it. Purpose-oriented employees are the high performers, often in leadership roles. They persist, they are proactive, they grow and they lead. The Individual Purpose Assessment, Statement Builder, Report, and supporting tools allows organisations to do the below. 


Enable employees to discover their purpose - who they seek to serve, how they seek to serve them, and why they are motivated to serve them. The Individual Purpose Assessment and report provides individuals with clarity about their purpose type and drivers, employees know what truly motivates them and can begin their journey.



Develop individual personal purpose statements and stories, an articulation of their purpose assessment results in their own words that they can own. Purpose is at the core of one's identity. The Purpose Statement Builder enables an employee to describe their purpose in their own words and share it, it begins to define them and give them the courage to lead with purpose.



Connect with colleagues in the organisation to uncover their Purpose Drivers. Gain insights into how to best team up, complement work and lean on those of similar drivers for empowerment and support.



Act with Purpose using actionable advice on setting goals, growth opportunities to realize potential, ideal opportunities, communication, and collaboration. The individual assessment also provides advice on how to shape their work to maximize their impact and fulfillment.

Team Purpose Profile

A team’s purpose is a shared understanding of who the team serves, how they serve them and why they are motivated to serve them. It provides the team with a shared intrinsic motivation and guide for making decisions and prioritizing investments. Purpose-oriented teams are more effective because they are more likely to have psychological safety, clarity, dependability, meaning, and impact. The Imperative team report is based on an analysis of the individual assessments, and helps teams:






Companies that understand the increasing emphasis of purpose in today’s professional landscape improve their ability to attract such employees and also their ability to retain them for longer periods of time.
— Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman and co-founder LinkedIn

The 2016 Purpose Index

Imperative and LinkedIn have partnered to create the largest global study on the role of purpose in the Workforce. Think about your workplace. Are your employees and coworkers set up to achieve their highest potential? Are you?

The State Of The Debate On Purpose In Business

Whether you are already executing your own purpose-led transformation or are interested in understanding this important trend, we hope this report will help bring you a little closer to achieving your purpose.

2017-05-16 (3).png

Putting Purpose To Work

It’s no secret that employees and leaders
see the importance of purpose in business.
What does it really mean to bring purpose
to life for employees, and why does it matter
for the business?


How Heineken Mexico's CEO Uses Purpose To Unleash The Power Of His Organization.

How YWCA's CEO Dara Richardson-Heron Leads By Taking On Big Challenges.


Why Ben and Jerry's CEO Pushes His Company To Merge Ice Cream And Social Justice.

How Steelcase Rearranged Its Workplace To Create A Purposeful Office.


How SAP's CEO Bill McDermott Is Using Empathy To Build More Powerful Teams.

How Travel Can Help People 

Find Their Superpower To Do Good.

Whatever metrics you measure, working on purpose transforms individuals, teams and organisations


For Organisations

  • 600% Higher performance over 10 years
  • 68% More likely to experience revenue growth
  • 50% Larger leadership pipeline
  • 36% Higher employee net promoters
  • 20% Higher retention

For Individuals

  • 64% More likely fulfilled at work
  • 54% More likely to have an impact at work
  • 51% More likely to have strong relationships

For Teams

  • Higher Psychological Safety
  • Greater Dependability, Stability, Meaning and Impact

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

An opportunity to unlock the power to transform the nature of work, to energise careers, to turbo charge teamwork and collaboration, to accelerate success and to create a better world.

Many of the worlds leading brands are cultivating purpose driven cultures with Imperative

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What people are saying

Talent is our #1 operating priority and Imperative is helping us to better understand our workforce generally, but especially the needs of the Millennial generation.
Imperative has been a rock star partner on our journey to support our people’s purpose-driven careers. Their last session literally ‘sold out’ in 3 minutes - faster than a Taylor Swift concert.
— GREG PRYOR, Workday
We have been working with the Imperative team for nine months and together have begun to redesign many of our internal processes to embed them with purpose, including our hiring and promotional processes.
— ALLISON HYRSE, west elm

Leading organisations worldwide are using Imperative's groundbreaking tools to gain in-depth analysis about their purpose and learn how to work in alignment with it. To join them please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.